securedrop anonymous whistleblowing


Securedrop: Safeguarding Journalism and Protecting Sources Securedrop is not only a powerful tool but also a crucial one in today’s digital age where privacy and security are constantly under threat. With the rise of surveillance and the increasing vulnerability of whistleblowers. Securedrop has emerged as a lifeline for those seeking to expose wrongdoing while ensuring…

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SVR darkweb whistleblowing


The SVR’s Anonymous Tip System: Strengthening National Security through Secure Whistleblowing The SVR’s implementation of an anonymous tip system for Russians living abroad is significant in the realm of national security. By adopting a system similar to SecureDrop, the renowned whistleblowing platform. The SVR demonstrates its commitment to fostering a culture of transparency and accountability…

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Dark Web Whistleblowers

Whistleblower Aid

Whistleblower Aid: Protecting and Advocating for Truth and Justice At Whistleblower Aid, we understand the importance of whistleblowers in uncovering and addressing issues that threaten the well-being of society. Whistleblowers play a crucial role in holding individuals and organizations accountable for their actions, ensuring transparency, and promoting ethical behavior. From the initial consultation to the…

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afrileaks darkweb link


Afrileaks: Empowering Whistleblowers to Expose the Truth At Afrileaks, we understand the importance of protecting whistleblowers and the vital role they play in promoting transparency and accountability. We understand the importance of ensuring that the documents we publish are accurate and reliable, as they have the potential to impact public discourse and shape the course…

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NCIDE darkweb link


The FBI’s Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Task Force: Combating Cryptocurrencies and Dark Web Crimes The FBI’s Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Task Force (NCIDE) is a critical component in the fight against cybercrime and illicit activities in the region. With its headquarters in Sacramento, NCIDE brings together a diverse group of law enforcement agencies,…

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CIA Darkweb Link


How to Share Information with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Every day, people from all over the world share valuable information with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to assist in their foreign intelligence collection mission. If you believe you have information that can be of help, there are several ways you can reach out to…

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