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Riseup: Empowering Liberatory Social Change through Secure Online Communication Tools

At Riseup, we believe that communication is a fundamental aspect of social change. In today’s digital age, online communication tools have become an integral part of organizing and mobilizing communities for social justice.

Our mission is to challenge this status quo by providing secure and democratic alternatives. We offer a range of services, including email, mailing lists, chat, and cloud storage, all hosted on our own servers. By hosting these services ourselves, we can ensure that user data is not accessible to third parties, protecting the privacy and security of our users.

In our vision of a free society, oppression and hierarchy have no place. And where everyone has the opportunity to live a life free from discrimination and injustice. We understand that achieving this vision requires collective action and solidarity.

Join the Riseup Collective

If you are passionate about social change and believe in the power of secure and democratic online communication, we invite you to join the Riseup collective. As a member, you can contribute to the development and maintenance of our services, participate in decision-making processes, and support the global community of activists.

You can also find information on how to become a member and contribute to the collective. Together, let’s build a world where communication is free, secure, and empowering.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to contribute your skills and expertise to the development and maintenance of our secure communication tools. Whether you are a software developer, a designer, a writer, or an activist. There are various ways in which you can get involved and make a difference.

Join us today and be part of the movement for a free, secure, and empowering world. Together, we can create a future where communication is a tool for liberation and social change.

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