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The Imageboard at the End of the Universe: The Story So Far

Endchan’s journey began with a simple goal: to provide a platform where users could freely express their thoughts and ideas without fear of judgment or repercussions. In a world where online censorship and surveillance were becoming increasingly prevalent. Endchan aimed to be a safe haven for those seeking a truly anonymous and uncensored online experience.

The imageboard quickly became a hub for intellectual discourse, with users exchanging ideas on a wide range of subjects, from politics and philosophy to art and technology.

What is Endchan?

Endchan is an imageboard platform where anyone can create and run their own boards. However, there are options for users to post anonymously using Tor, Lokinet, or I2P hidden services.

Clear IP addresses are only visible within the raw database and to root users who have access to the database. If users come across any instances where this is not the case.

In conclusion, Endchan provides a unique and versatile imageboard platform that prioritizes user privacy, security, and freedom of expression. With its anonymous posting options, limited visibility of IP addresses, and commitment to decentralization, Endchan aims to create a safe and open space for users to share and discuss a wide range of topics.

Privacy Measures

Endchan takes privacy seriously and does not use tracking cookies of any kind. By not utilizing tracking cookies, Endchan aims to provide a more private and secure environment for its users. This approach aligns with the platform’s focus on promoting ideas and discussions rather than tracking and identifying individuals.

In addition to avoiding tracking cookies, Endchan implements other privacy measures to protect user information. This encryption technology, combined with the platform’s commitment to not logging IP addresses or any other personally identifiable information. Helps to safeguard user privacy.

Endchan also allows users to create anonymous accounts, further enhancing privacy. Instead, they can choose a username and password of their choice. Allowing them to participate in discussions without revealing their identity.

By prioritizing user privacy and implementing robust security measures. The platform aims to foster an online community where individuals can freely share their thoughts and engage in meaningful conversations without compromising their personal information.

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